Review of User Guide: Occupational Safety Health and Environment

The LibGuide under review is Occupational Safety Health and Environment. It is not a guide I have ever used before and in fact I was unaware of LibGuides before this assignment. Having never conducted research in the Health and Safety field before and I found the LibGuide both extremely comprehensive and user friendly.

The information available is divided by format, with different tabs for Books and eBooks, Journal Articles and Databases, Key Websites, Government and EU Information, Newspapers, Datasets and Statistics and Theses.  I found this organizational structure to be very clear and easy to navigate. The LibGuide covers all the categories I expected to see and included ones that never crossed my mind, such as Government and EU Information and Newspapers.  Not having to perform a search while specifying a format is quite time saving. There is no jargon, the LibGuide simply directs the user towards the most relevant sources for the field, with the various links having paragraphs stating what is contained there and how to retrieve the materials. There are no broken links and the sources do seem up to date as do the contact details. As of this writing, the LibGuide was last updated on October 26 2014.

The use of the tabular format is a much clearer way of organizing the information. It is more user friendly than for example listing all the information like the results of one-search, though one-search is also available through the guide. I would be more likely to work through the materials offered in this format rather than ones returned from an online search. If I was developing a LibGuide this is definitely the model I would follow. A possible enhancement which could be made, is a notifier of when new material is added to the guide. This could be a new reference source such as a new database or a new Journal.


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