Review of User Guide: Economics

The LibGuide under review for this week is Economics. As with the Occupational Health and Safety LibGuide, it is not a guide I have used before. It is quite similar to the previous LibGuide, with an almost identical format. Again the different materials and sources available are clearly listed under tabs which are categorized by format. Formats include Books and eBooks, Journal Articles & Databases and Key Websites. The sources found in these tabs have little paragraphs next to them, summarizing the content associated with them without any jargon. As with the previous LibGuide I find this organizational structure very user-friendly. The LibGuide was last updated on November 3, 2014.

There are a few key differences between the two LibGuides. The Economics LibGuide displays a twitter feed from ESRI (Economics and Social Research) Dublin. While having another twitter feed in addition to UCD’s could make the site cluttered, I do think it is important to have notifications of the updates of at least one outside source.

The Economics LibGuide has links to more datasets than Occupational Health and Safety. There may simple be more datasets devoted to this particular topic. The datasets are divided into Irish, European and International and include ERSI. This could be quite useful if a student is focusing on the Economic trends of a single country or doing a comparative study across the world. Perhaps the categories could be divide even further, such as having a separate one for North America.

Surprisingly, there is no “Theses” Tab available on for this LibGuide. The Theses tab for the Occupational Health and Safety LibGuide leads to a general theses page, which states that Theses from the Undergraduate College of Business and Law are held.  It might not occur to a student doing research for the first time to look at different Theses and a Tab Leading to the general Theses page may direct them towards useful material. I would definitely consider adding such a tab to the guide.


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