Reflections on the course and the reflection process

I’ll admit I wasn’t too sure about this course going into it as I’ve never seen myself as the managerial type. But from what I can tell no matter what information professional position I find myself in, management knowledge will be essential. My image of myself working out of sight and happy to let others make the management decisions has been erased. My attitude towards collaboration is probably what has changed the most dramatically because of the course. Up until now I’ve always preferred solo work over group work. However working on the case study has given me an excellent opportunity to experiment with being assertive, something which does not come naturally to me.

I agree with the statement “reflection is a search for connections” found in the “Why reflect” article. I think reflecting on experiences allows to me to see patterns in my own life, giving me a greater understanding of why I do what I do. I think this is part of the deeper reflection cycle shown in the diagram in the “Reflecting on reflection” article, specifically the “contextualize and “Identify causes” headings. It is important to get into the habit of regularly reflecting and the blog format is an excellent way of doing this, more so than other methods of reflective writing. I tried keeping a diary before, but I mostly ended up describing stuff that happened everyday and I quickly became bored. I’m not sure why the blog format appeals to me more. Possibly it’s because I have a deadline, possibly it’s because I know at least one person is reading it and this make me put more effort into my writing than I would normally. In any case I may continue adding to this blog even though the course has now finished.


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