What now?

Firstly: Obligatory Christmas Greeting (Happy Christmas!)

Well the course is finished, but it seems a shame not to continue adding to this the blog now that I have the the habit.
So that of course leads to the question: What do I write about?

I am not great with coming up with posts on the fly and prefer to write within some sort of frame work. The assigned reading for the course provided this function previously, but now I need to come up with something else.
However, to say I am indecisive is a great understatement. I often find myself paralyzed by choice so creating a framework or theme for the blog is also difficult for me.
The obvious solution seems to be to use some of the previous blog posts as jumping off points for what to write about and see where I go from there. As I think I’ve written before some of the concepts mentioned in the reading material are quite relevant to my day to day life. Therefore I can use previous topics as a guide for choosing issues that are important to me.

Watch this space


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