Reflections on Writing

So clearly that “Watch this space” remark was a little premature. Since I wrote that I’ve been trying to come with topics that other people would find either informative or amusing, hopefully both. Basically I was trying to avoid doing the things highlighted in this article: 7 Ways To Be Insufferable On Facebook. It’s about Facebook posts but I think it applies somewhat to blog posts as well. I wanted to avoid coming across as self-centered and narcissistic.

And then I realised I was doing one of the things the article said not to: Image crafting, trying to affect the way people see me.
While I hope to come up with informative and/or amusing topics at some point, at the moment all I’ve got are my own personal views on life. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I view this blog primarily as an open journal. if some people want to read it grand, if they don’t that’s equally grand.

So If I’m not bothered about people reading these posts, why not just keep a regular journal? All I can say is I tried that before and could never keep it up. This blog started out as something I had to do to get a good grade and once I got into the habit I actually started enjoying it. Granted there’s been a break of a few months now, but I still have that association of enjoyment with the whole process. I feel this makes blogging something I am more likely to stick with than jotting things down in a notebook or app.

Now that I’ve unashamedly admitted that my reasons for writing are primarily selfish, let’s have a look at what those reasons are.

It’s calming, helping me sort out and clarify the myriad of concepts and feelings I find swirling through my head on a day-to-day basis.

It helps refine my writing ability, allowing me to express myself more clearly in written words if not spoken. (That’s another issue which I might write about later.) This is good for my college assignments at least.

It gives me something to do right when I wake up. I am an unashamed sloth and if I have no reason to get up early will happily stay in bed till noon (alright, alright 3!).This is probably something I should change.

Finally I find it gives me a greater awareness of my thinking patterns and helps me understand why I behave the way I behave, something which has become very important to me in recent years.


One thought on “Reflections on Writing

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