Thing 2: First Blog Post

This post is written for the social media course Rudai: 23

Throughout primary school the first thing I looked for when I moved to a different class was the small shelf of books that acted as the class room library. This continued on through secondary school where I volunteered in the library from my first year all the way to sixth year. Books have always been a big part of my life and in hindsight in now seems inevitable that I would seek a career involving them.

However this wasn’t the path I first saw myself on. For a while I tried to make a career for myself in the sciences, specifically bioinformatics. It took me a few years to realise I am just not really suited to the field, mostly due to a severe mental block regarding command line interfaces. As far as I’m concerned if you can’t do something using a mouse it’s not worth doing! I found myself looking for a change of scenery and that’s when I first thought about studying Library and Information studies.

My experience so far has been interesting. To my surprise one of the aspects of the course that I most enjoyed was the Management training. I’ve never really seen myself in a management type role but I enjoyed the assignments and group work and it’s because of this module that I set up my blog in the first place.  I was surprised by the level of I.T. in the course, though I was familiar with it from my previous studies. I thought my days of learning new computer syntaxes were behind me and then I was introduced to MARC formats in cataloging!

Regarding my future career, I have some interest in Archiving and Digital Preservation. I admire the idea of keeping different collections of various formats usable for future generations. I’m also quite interested in finding out why people are interested in the kinds of books they like, what aspects of a particular genre attract some people and conversely what aspects of that same genre repel others. However for the most part I think I’d be happy working in any area connected with Library and Information Studies.


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