Thing 3: Your Professional Brand

This post is written for the social media course Rudai: 23

Okay running quite a bit behind with these tasks/posts so time to crack on. I had previously set up a LinkedIn profile but didn’t spend much thought or effort on it. This task seemed the perfect opportunity to give it some spit and polish. The main areas for improvement were my professional headline and my summary.  Previously I had no summary and my headline simply read “Student at University College Dublin”. Not a lot of useful information for employers there I fear! Editing these areas allowed me to focus on the impression I want to give to prospective employers and colleagues and helped me to define my own professional brand. I asked my self: “What did you find most interesting about the MLIS course?” Answer: Learning about how cultural content is preserved digitally for future generations and the blogging aspect of the Management Module. I summed both of these  up in the headline “Digital and Social Media enthusiast with a particular interest in Digital Preservation.” and elaborated on this in my summary. I think it gives an accurate portrayal of my areas of interest in the field of information studies.

I’m in two minds about the usefulness LinkedIn and other “career” networking sites. Certainly I never really used it for making connections during my previous degrees. However as I said I didn’t put much effort into my profile when I first set it up and I think LinkedIn is definitely one of those things where you get out what you put in. Establishing the first connections is the main stumbling block for me. I’m naturally introverted and tend to wait for invitations to connect as opposed to requesting connections. Participating in this course should give me a few to start off with and get the ball rolling. One way in which I think LinkedIn is extremely helpful is in constructing a CV particularly for those writing one for the first time. It covers every possible area an employer might be interested and organises it into an very readable list of qualifications and experience. I think it may one day replace the task of emailing an attached CV with a link to a LinkedIn page. 


One thought on “Thing 3: Your Professional Brand

  1. Great to see you picking up on Rudai again. LinkedIn proved to be a bit of a stumbling block for a lot of people. It’s something that we all need to revisit again I think at a later stage.


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