Thing 4: Google

This post is written for the social media course Rudai: 23

As with LinkedIn, I set up a Google+ account years ago and then pretty much forgot about it. Facebook and Twitter pretty much cover all my social networking desires and I haven’t really had much motivation to return to Google+ until this post. I do admire how tidily all of Google’s features are integrated with one another, it appeals to my inner obsessive compulsive!. A friend had already praised it’s ability to organise photographs, but I was still surprised to see photos I’d uploaded to Google Photos accessible from my Google+ page. I also think the “Circles” feature is a more user-friendly way of organising friends than the “Lists” function of Facebook which has a similar purpose. The primary reason I don’t use it as much as Facebook is simply that there are more people I know who use Facebook than Google+ and those who do have Google+ pages tend to have Facebook pages as well.

I wasn’t overly impressed with Google Hangouts. When trying to call a friend for the first I kept getting this message telling me to add more people to the Hangout while I was waiting for my participant. Annoyingly I couldn’t find a way to get rid of this even after searching for an answer using Google! I eventually had to email him to call me using Hangouts and after that it worked alright. I don’t really see much difference between Hangouts and Skype or FaceTime. However I haven’t attended a group Hangout yet so I can’t judge its performance with multiple users. I have had problems with group chats using Skype in the past so it’s possible the Google Hangouts is more suitable for such conversations. I shall have to make a point of attending a group Hangout in the future so I can see how well it performs myself.


One thought on “Thing 4: Google

  1. It takes a bit of work to get used to hangouts. I’ve had about 3 or four group ones and it’s surprising after doing it a few times it does get easier. Skype have picked up their game though and I believe you can now do group skypes for free. Must give it a go sometime.


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