Thing 6: Reflective Practice

This post is written for the social media course Rudai: 23

When looking through other participant’s blogs I chose to focus on Thing 2. Not just because presumably it’s the post most participants will have done, but because this was the post where people described what influenced them into becoming a librarian and how they imagined their own careers developing in the future. I was interested in seeing how they all compared with my own career path and if they might give me some much needed direction for my life. When perusing the blogs I identified similar interests to mine that might have guided me towards this path, for example the unchained librarian‘s natural attraction to books from a very young age and Conversations On Journeys‘ interest in collecting and organising things. It was also comforting to see I was not the only person to come to librarianship in a roundabout way, as many bloggers had come to the field from different professional areas.

Less comforting was how many blog posts emphasised just how competitive the field is, with jobs going to those with the most experience. While I recognise this is the case for virtually all job seekers, the topic of poor work prospects is not really something I want to be reading at the moment. My real world experience is limited and I’ve come to accept I’m probably going to have to beef up my cv with a good bit of voluntary work before I have a chance of getting a paid position.

Finally, I was a little relieved to see that quite a few bloggers are as behind in the course as I am. Between finishing off my MLIS and looking for a job I haven’t has as much free time as I thought. The last few weeks have been especially hectic as I’ve been in the process of moving from Dublin to Galway. Now that that’s completed, I should have time to blog more regularly.


One thought on “Thing 6: Reflective Practice

  1. I hope reading the other blog posts hasn’t put you off. It’s certainly more competitive in the job market than when I graduated in 2006 but I also think there are a lot more opportunities for new graduates now like paid internships that weren’t there back then either. Have you discovered New Professionals Day Ireland?


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