Thing 9: Video

Video screen casts are a useful way of instructing people on how to use computer applications, sites such as YouTube and various operating systems. These are all activities which can be difficult to describe verbally. Simply writing “Select Menu A and choose Option B” is not very useful if Menu A is not clearly visible. Being able to see a video which can be directly followed greatly eases any confusion.

The video is meant to act as a “how-to” for one of my current favorite applications. During my recent Masters degree I was introduced to the concept of reflective practice, a concept which also features in the Rudai: 23 course. Through this blog I have been able to apply this practice to various professional topics in the field of Library and Information Science. However for more personal reflection I tend to make more use of private notebooks, the Notes application on my Macbook or most recently: the Day One Journaling app for Mac.



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