Thing 10: Live Streaming

I was hoping to create my own Periscope broadcast but unfortunately this app is apparently incompatible with all my devices. 😦 As such I had to content my self with viewing three live streams from the “Designing today, Destination tomorrow – Libraries equipped to serve and innovate” conference. These are available on the Education Channel of the Finnish Libraries website.

The first Kirsi Luukkanen: Kaisa House – designed for studying was a presentation about specific design choices for Helsinki University’s main library, such as the designation of specific rooms for group work and specific rooms for silent study. The Reinert Mithassel: My library was a presentation which looked at how new technologies have changed the way people approach library services and how this affects the design of such services. For example, making exhibitions more interactive. The Designing Today, Destination Tomorrow -discussion was a discussion between architects and library directors about issues similar to those raised in Reinert Mithassel: My library, such as the development of self service borrowing and return.

Obviously Live Streaming is a boon for conferences. For organizers it vastly increases the audience beyond those physically present and is a great way for less well known conferences or even small library events to advertise themselves. For people like myself who wish to attend but have little disposable income it allows me to participate and keep up with new concepts in the field. If the conference impresses me enough, I may go out of my way to make the money to attend. Many conferences also have live twitter feeds, indeed a Twitter hashtag related to the conference appeared during the one of the live streams I viewed. Combined together with Live Streaming this allows people from all over the world to benefit and interact productively with the conference. People attending the conference can share insights with live stream viewers through social media and thus grow their personal network of library professionals.


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