Thing 11: Reflective Practice

Okay so clearly I am considerably more behind in this course than I should be. It’ll be no surprise to anyone that Time Management is not my strong point. Deadlines just don’t feel real to me until they’re looming on the horizon. My default work practice tends to involve a short intense burst of effort instead of writing small pieces regularly. While I generally manage to produce a reasonable piece of work in time, I recognize this is not the best work practice and I am trying to change.

Having reflected on the course I think the main question is: How do I motivate myself to write? Or perhaps more accurately: What is sapping my motivation to write? The latter is definitely easier to answer, virtually all of my effort at the moment goes into looking for a job. It’s quite hard to convince myself that unrelated projects such as Rudai:23 are really worth the effort. One idea I’ve had is to try and somehow fold my Rudai:23 tasks into my job search. I can use a task as a method of “choosing the direction” of my job search for the day. For example as the next task is “Attending Conferences”. I could use that as inspiration to identify any (reasonably priced) conferences in my area with an eye to networking. This would at least be a change from: See Advertisement, Email CV, Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

I have nine days left to complete this course. Each task and blog post takes me on average two hours to complete. I’m aiming to be finished by the twenty-ninth which should be possible if I manage two posts a day. This should give me a few days leeway to account for any unforeseen circumstances.


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