Thing 13: Professional Organizations

I joined the Library Association of Ireland (LAI) in June of last year. The organization was offering free membership for current MLIS students so it seemed a good decision. Membership of any professional organization is always a useful thing to have on your CV. At the time I glanced at the website but never really looked at it in depth. I do follow and pay more attention to the organizations main twitter feed as that’s where current jobs tend to be advertised. The organization also runs a Career Development twitter feed which post some useful career guidance tips.

Having looked more closely at the website, I think it offers all that you can expect from a professional organization. One thing I was particularly impressed with was the Groups and Sections Menu. I think the groups mentioned here highlight the diversity of library work. This was helpful for me in that it gave me ideas for expanding the scope of my job search.

However, aside from the above, I don’t think I’m at a point in my career where being a member is noticeably beneficial to me. I can see how membership is useful for getting involved with committees of special interest groups in order to gain new experience and skills. But I don’t really believe I’m in a position to get involved with such groups at the moment., I’d really rather focus on seeking employment. However I would be interested in getting involved in such a group at some point and as such I do think my membership of the LAI may turn out to be more useful at a later stage of my career.


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