Thing 14: Augmented Reality

I had great fun exploring the Anatomy 4D app. It’s something I would’ve loved using as a primary school pupil and I think it’s a fantastic way of getting students interested in Human Biology. The 3D model of the human body and the heart are incredibly detailed and easy to zoom in on and manipulate. I also experimented with Aurasma, with the idea of designing the an interactive tour of the UCD Sculpture Trail. Inspired by the 1916 tour app developed by another Capstone group from my MLIS course, I overlaid a video with a descriptive narration about a sculpture over a photograph of said sculpture. Repeating this with all the other sculptures on the could entice more people to follow the trail. Of course testing it properly will have to wait until my next visit to Dublin. But I have tried the app using a different photograph of the sculpture and the video was triggered.

I did have one idea for how augmented reality apps could be used in libraries. During my work experience in Clifden Public Library, one of my duties was creating shelf labels marking different sections. These could act as trigger images for assorted media connected to specific books. I think this would work particularly well in the children’s section. These labels usually include a picture which makes for a better trigger. For example, the label marking the popular “Horrible Henry” series in the children’s section could trigger a video of a short interview with the author. Research would have to be done regarding copyright when locating media, but I think this would be a fun feature for children using the library.


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