Thing 15: Advocacy For Libraries

Perusing Voices for the Library, I was most struck by the Stories section. I especially enjoyed the cloud tag as it lays out virtually every way in which libraries benefit society. If you don’t know where to start, these tags act as a great jumping off point for any number of topics. The ones which leap out at me were reading groups, volunteers and community.

It’s the last one that would be uppermost in mind when advocating libraries. I have little experience with advocacy, at least not with a large national campaign. The closest I’ve come was during my voluntary work experience in my local public library. I helped create posters advertising various activities occurring in the library, such as Irish language groups and coffee mornings for the elderly.

Regarding how effective these were at drawing in people, all I can say is that the head librarian seemed pleased with my work. I have noticed that social media has been a boon for advocating libraries, as I’m sure it has been for all kinds of campaigns. I mostly become aware of such campaign through Twitter, from searching hashtags and re-tweets from people I follow.


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