Thing 16: Collaboration Tools

Okay, starting to panic slightly. Six hours till the deadline. Will I make it?

(I’ve actually written the majority of each subsequent post already, it’s just a matter of tying them up now. Fortunately, this post focuses on applications with which I am very familiar, Google Docs and Doodle.)

Google Docs was one of the go to tools for the MLIS. Many of the group projects I participated involved writing up a report describing all aspects of the work completed. In general each team member was assigned a specific section to work on and write up. Using Google Docs allowed us to write this document together. My previous experience with such collaborations had involved each member of a group emailing their section to everyone else and then waiting for the others to read and comment on it. Google Docs allowed us to type up the document together. This made everyone’s progress clearly visible and made editing much easier. I would seriously recommend Google Docs for librarians who are working on a group project.

I’ve mostly used Doodle for social activities. During my previous Masters, social gatherings were primarily organized with this application. Knowing the days and times people were available obviously made planning such activities was made much easier. One use for Doodle I could see in libraries is to organize groups similar to ones I mentioned in the previous blog post. If book clubs, coffee mornings and talks were planned for times where the majority of users were available it would greatly increase attendance.


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