Thing 17: Reflective Practice

I think I’m a naturally reflective person. In truth I’m more of the “reflect without action” type, which leads me to one reason I’m glad I’ve done this course. Blogging has allowed me to “bring my awareness into the world.” and I plan to continue sharing my musings on librarianship and other matters even though Rudai:23 has come to an end.

I was first introduced to the concept of reflective writing and the Gibbs reflective cycle during the MLIS. It was an important feature of the Management for Information Professionals and also for Systems Analysis and Design. My approach to these posts and the ones for Rudai:23 has been the same. I read the assigned papers/did the task and then let it sit in my mind while I performed another activity. I’ve found going for a walk to be particularly conducive for reflection.

Reflecting allows me to make connections between library related tasks and my own personal working habits. Utilizing the Gibbs reflective cycle, I’ve become more aware of which of my character traits are helpful for performing specific tasks and which of my traits hinder me. (Feelings and Evaluation) This in turn alerts me to which aspects of my behavior I should cultivate and which aspects I should work on weeding out. (Analysis) With this new knowledge I now know how to alter my approach for certain tasks, seek out those I know how to do well and to be honest about those with which I have difficulty. At the moment I mostly use reflective practice to tailor my job search, seeking out the employment I think I am most suited to and where I can contribute the most.


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