Thing 18: Communicating through Photographs


Wilder Kaiser by Aah-Yeah is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Here’s the photo I downloaded from Flickr. It’s simply a scenic image of the Wilder Kaiser mountain region by the user Aah-Yeah. It is protected by the Creative Commons Attribution License.

I’ve never actually used Instagram before and I was impressed by the amount of library and book related albums available on the site. I left a comment on the British Library page about an exquisite illustration of Alice in Wonderland.

Many libraries hold photographic exhibitions on a certain topic or event. The library I did my work experience in recently held an exhibition entitled “West Connemara and the Great War” which consisted of photos of people from the area involved in the First World War. Both Flickr and Instagram would be useful distributing the materials to a wider audience and increasing in awareness of such exhibitions. “West Connemara and the Great War” would be of particular interest to historical societies and could possibly result in such groups arranging visits to the library.


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