Thing 19: The Legal Side of Things

In the past my only concern with copyright has been to correctly reference other people’s work. For example, during the MLIS I had to locate a photograph of Jonathan Swift which was under a copyright license that allowed it to be used for educational purposes. I’ve never really considered copyright law with regard to my own work and this task has led me to reconsider this attitude. In general I don’t consider my posts to be of a quality that people would would post them elsewhere. However if that did happen I would probably prefer if my name was attributed to them. I think the line between people receiving deserved credit for their work and allowing said work to inspire and influence people is a difficult one to walk. However, having explored the Creative Commons website, I find it walks this line ideally. Based on the license chooser feature, I will consider using the Attribution license for any further content I create.

Below are two images from from Flickr which are licensed under Creative Commons.


Jardines del palacio de la Granja de san Ildefonso by Manuel is licensed under CC BY 2.0


starr-050216-9001-Pittosporum_undulatum-plant-Kula-Maui by Forest and Kim Starr is licensed under CC BY 2.0



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