Thing 21: Infographics

Using  one of the templates from I created a road map info graphic that represented the main professional and social groups in my life as well as the years and places that I first came across them. Unfortunately I do not seem to be able to embed it in this post, here is a link to it. Infographic It was useful to see how I’ve progress in both my professional and personal life and gave me cause to reflect on the decisions that led me to those groups in the first place.

That said the info-graphic I created seemed to be quite simplistic. This could be because of the topic I chose but for complex topics I’d still prefer to use something like power point. Possibly If I practiced more I’d be able to fit a lot more information in concisely. I do think info-graphics would be quite suitable for use in school libraries for explaining basic concepts in similar ways to pictures of evolutionary trees or the periodic table.


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